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A ribbon is an interface with set of toolbars placed on several tabs. Site level ribbon means the tabs or buttons available in whole site.

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How To Hide New Item from Ribbon Classic SharePoint online?

How to hide New Item menu from classic SharePoint Online Ribbon UI? I am already using Toolbar Type with "No Toolbar". But I want to hide "New Item" button from Ribbon. Please advice. Thanks
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Ribbon "Page" tab is missing in Modern UI Sharepoint

I need help. I didn't create this specific site so I had no clue what the person did and probably didn't know what he was doing. So it appears that turned on a publishing feature and the page relies a ...
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Shrepoint 2010 ribbon controls are disabled in my entire site

I've created sharepoint site in 2010 with classic mode authentication. And add my custom site templates as site collection. I've permission as site collection administrators for my created site. But ...
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To add a link button((Custom action)) in SharePoint 2013 document library page's Ribbon

How to add a link(Custom action) to a document library page's Ribbon with java script. And where to add that java-script? please help.
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sharepoint 2010 edit tab missing from ribbon

I am using SharePoint 2010 site with a simple list form, everything was working fine until I update the form (changed a drop-down field to a textbox field). Now whenever the user starts a new list ...
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Ribbon buttons are always disabled in Site level ribbon tab

I have created one Site level ribbon tab in SharePoint 2013 using Visual Studio. Basic requirement behind the site level ribbon is to show ribbon tab everywhere in the site like in wiki page, site ...
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