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Display list views in a web part list

on a modern sharepoint page, i need to display differents views of my list. My list is customized in json with "hideselection:true" For every view of my list, i created a web part list and ...
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How to create customize CreatePage.aspx in sharepoint 2016

I am new to Sharepoint, need some help here When create a new page in the CreatePage.aspx we need to enter the url name, it will forbid the special characters(shown as pictures), but my problem is the ...
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Dynamically change and restrict "AssignedTo" (People Picker Field) to select from a specific user group on Quick Edit mode?

I have a List A and List B. List A contains the group I want to assign a task. List B contains the person from that Group based on a lookup from List A. However in OOTB Quick Edit Mode it shows all ...
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View only permission level for communication site

I am trying to disable download option for documents in a library in a communication site. But I can not see restricted view permission level. Is there any way to enable it in a communication site?
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The People OOTB Webpart changes the Account name after page refresh SharePoint on-premise 2019

The URL for fetching the user profile picture changes after page refresh. The Account name is changed. URL when new user is added to web-part:
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how to export overlay calendar to excel?

Probably my post is a duplicate of this (post), but I would still like to pose this question again: How can I export overlay calendar to excel? Current functionality will export it as blank. It only ...
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SharePoint 2013: Group Search Results by Site Name

I have added a Search box and a Search Results web part with the query which retrieves documents from different subsites. Now, what I want is to group this documents by using Site Name and show the ...
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Finding and removing orphaned links in SharePoint Online

Is there an out-of-the-box way in SharePoint Online to crawl through a collection of sites and find/remove orphaned links? Note: Not looking for PowerShell commands or any external tools. Thanks in ...
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