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Get all comments from modern Site pages in SharePoint Online

I have a requirement to fetch all the comments from all the site pages in a SharePoint Online site collection date wise. Is there a way to achieve it using Powershell? I will be creating a timer job ...
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Add-SPOTheme : The term 'Add-SPOTheme' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program

I am trying to apply a custom theme color to my SharePoint online site from an article I got online. Im running it in SharePoint online Management shell. I have the latest version of SPO management ...
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CSOM PowerShell script - moving to modern authentication

I have a complex CSOM script that I need to get working for a Tenant that uses Modern Authentication. This works fine using Basic Authentication. Its not an automated script so an interactive login ...
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SharePoint Online - unused content report

I would like to review the usage of my SPO site and extract a report with the following details: Title, Created Date, Last Modified Date, Number of hits last 6 months, Last modified by, Created by I ...
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Need a powershell script to update 300+ SharePoint SitePages

Is there a PowerShell/PNP script that will update all "Highlighted Content" web parts within multiple site pages within a site? Need to update the web part Layout from "Grid" view ...
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Can you move unlicensed accounts around using PowerShell in SharePoint Online?

I'm trying to bulk move users from one group to another in a SharePoint online group. I ran this script: And it moved only users that have O365 licenses. When it tried to move the other users, I got ...
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How to change the banner name on organization news articles

I've enabled two communication sites as organization news sites for our SharePoint online tenant, one for CEO news and one for Firmwide news, but rather having the name of the organization news site ...
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PnP Script which work on file modified on 10 March 2023 >> restore previous version >> rename the restored file

We have someone who have modified many files on 10 March by adding .lock extension to the files so Test.xlsx become Test.xlsx.lock. so can i write a power shell script which do the following:- ...
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Bulk add owner to all Teams using PnP PowerShell?

I need some help in adding my admin account as one of the owners of all my Teams group using the Powershell Because without ...
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PowerShell script to get the ShowInEditForm property for a site column. i do not want to use PnP PowerShell [duplicate]

I am trying this script to get the ShowInEditForm property of a site column and then set it to False:- Connect-SPOService -Url https://**** Get-SPOSite -Identity https://***....
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Using PowerShell to find a document using the DocIDRedir.aspx page

We have an issue when attempting to use the Document ID service in SPO with some documents. We're able to browse to the majority of them using the DocIdRedir URL
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Re-Show Recurrence Column in Event Content Type

In SharePoint Online, in the Content Type Gallery, I un-checked "Show this column in lists" for the Recurrence column in the Event content type. Now, when I re-check it, the "Save" ...
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Working Around Permissions Break Script Time Out/List Threshold Limitations

I have a document library with a large amount of directories and thus permissions which I would like to break inheritance of and have come across the SharePointDiary script which works perfectly apart ...
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Using SharePoint Site Template Powershell - Home Page Layout/Web Parts not working - SharePoint Online - Modern Pages

I am using PowerShell Get-SPOSiteScriptFromWeb and Add-SPOSiteScript etc. I am able to copy links, create lists, etc. But my HomePage webparts/layout is not reflected when I apply the site script ...
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