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Questions tagged [sharepoint-online-powershell]

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How to edit New Menu in command bar in SharePoint site home page and add a new link in the menu and hide existing item

I have a requirement to edit the New Menu of command bar in the home page of a SharePoint team site and add new link in the menu and hide the "Document Library" option. Please suggest any ...
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Using PowerShell to find a document using the DocIDRedir.aspx page

We have an issue when attempting to use the Document ID service in SPO with some documents. We're able to browse to the majority of them using the DocIdRedir URL
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Re-Show Recurrence Column in Event Content Type

In SharePoint Online, in the Content Type Gallery, I un-checked "Show this column in lists" for the Recurrence column in the Event content type. Now, when I re-check it, the "Save" ...
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Working Around Permissions Break Script Time Out/List Threshold Limitations

I have a document library with a large amount of directories and thus permissions which I would like to break inheritance of and have come across the SharePointDiary script which works perfectly apart ...
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Using SharePoint Site Template Powershell - Home Page Layout/Web Parts not working - SharePoint Online - Modern Pages

I am using PowerShell Get-SPOSiteScriptFromWeb and Add-SPOSiteScript etc. I am able to copy links, create lists, etc. But my HomePage webparts/layout is not reflected when I apply the site script ...
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