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Questions tagged [sharepoint-designer-workflow]

Workflows on SharePoint sites created using SharePoint Designer are called SharePoint Designer Workflows.

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1 answer

Workflow email not sending to secondary domain users

I have two types of domain users in my sharepoint 2013 site. My problem is: Only one type of domain users get the workflow generated emails but the other type doesn't. Both domain users are configured ...
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1 answer

SharePoint workflow on update Calendar item category change

I have 2 SharePoint Designer workflows one works when an item is created, it creates an calendar event. A field Change Outcome is left empty. In the second workflow when the item has been updated and ...
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Sharepoint workflow 2013 is not triggering automatically

I created a work flow in sharepoint 2013 after installing the sharepoint sp1 update. But the work flow is not automatically triggered when an item is created. I've enabled the start automatically.........
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