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I am no longer able to use OfficeDevPnP.Core.AuthenticationManager OR PnP.Framework.AuthenticationManager().GetACSAppOnlyContext

I usually run those command inside my CSOM code to authenticate to Office 365 using ClientId + ClientSecret:- using (ClientContext context2 = new PnP.Framework.AuthenticationManager()....
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Unable to generate clientId and secret SharePoint using appregnew url

I am trying to generate ClientID and Secret in one of the SharePoint Portal using the _layouts/15/appregnew.aspx url. But all the time while submitting it provides error such as "Something went ...
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How to allow application to have write access to a specific SharePoint folder?

I want to upload a file into a folder in the SharePoint document library using PowerShell. For this, I am using the following link to setup the app: /_layouts/15/AppRegNew.aspx Followed by ...
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How to generate Azure app token using client id and client secret using SPFx with react.js (webpart)?

I am trying to generate the azure app token using client id and client secret. Please find my below code: const formData = new FormData(); formData.append("grant_type ", "...
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What roles needed for App Registration to be able to remove Compliance Tag

I'm trying to remove a compliance tag from an item in SharePoint with the following REST call: { "uri": "https://xxxxx/sites/xxxxxx/_api/Web/Lists(guid'xxxx')/Items(xxx)/...
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Connecting to SharePoint using third party server via middleware Web API with CSOM

I'm developing a solution to connect from a third party API to SharePoint using a middleware. The following diagram shows how the architecture works. In here, I want to connect with many customers in ...
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[App registration][MS Graph] : permissions and URIs

I am not familiar at all with the app registration under Azure AD, so this post might be a little erratic, and I am sorry for that. I will try to be as simplest and clearest as possible and ask you ...
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How can I remove the blank item in SharePoint Admin API access (webApiPermissionManagement)?

Within the SharePoint admin center for API Access I have an approved request, but its blank (Highlighted line). https://[tenant]
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Sharepoint Admin Panel API Access - "Cannot read property 'length' of undefined"

I was curious whether anyone has seen this message before in the screenshot below. I believe the error prevents the granted API permissions showing as these are not visible, although using the below ...
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validity of auth token in OAuth2 in SharePoint App Registration/ Azure AD app

I have a SharePoint app registered in a site To access the documents, I am getting the Auth Token from the below URL{{realm}}/tokens/OAuth/2 What is the ...
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