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SharePoint 2016 Creating Service Application Error Request Timeout

I am getting error "Request time out" error while creating user profile service. SP Farm have 8 servers total. 2 Application 2 WFE (in DMZ) 2 Distributed Cache 2 Search There is no helpful details ...
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What are the required modifications in web.config in sharepoint site to expose URL to ajax call

I'm new to working with sharepoint. When i tried to call share point API url from ajax call in JavaScript. But, it's continuously failing and throws the error. I can say, that is CORS error. So, i've ...
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how to make a series of links in SharePoint

I am creating a wiki repository and for a specific section I would like to have a series. In the starting page of this series I would like to have a way to direct me to part 2 of the series, and ...
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Counting all pages updated

I need to count how many pages we have updated on our Sharepoint page. Our Sharepoint site contains around 15 000 pages. IS there a code or a tool I could use that would tell me which pages have been ...
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Discussion Board - categories

I ran into a situation where user created a discussion board with "categories" and they have views created to display the respective categories. So far so good. BUT seems like when a user responds to ...
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SharePoint 2013 Calendar Time Filter

I am trying to create a view which only shows the event that are current. I know there is 'current event' view available but it doesn't filter based on the 'time' so if an event finished at 5pm and ...
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CAML query OrderBy is not working

SPWeb _SPweb = _SPSite.OpenWeb(); SPList _SPlist = _SPweb.Lists[FL.ToString()]; SPQuery _spquery = new SPQuery(); _spquery.Query = "<Query><Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='Title'/>&...
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How to set up a Report Manager in SharePoint 2010?

We have an SSRS report server installed on a separate machine in native mode. We have SharePoint 2010 installed on a different machine in native mode. Integration mode will not be an option. I'd ...
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Replace a string in XSL SharePoint Designer 2013

In SharePoint Designer I have an xsl output that spits out the below as a string <div><font face="Arial Narrow" size="2">N/A</font></div> I would like to replace "Arial ...
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