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E-mail sent by workflow cannot be opened

I have created a workflow with a link to the list filled in on the SP. The e-mail field is a choice list. When the e-mail is sent the receiver cannot open the link as the message is somehow like : the ...
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Workflow task - email link to edit page rather to display page in Sharepoint 2013

I am looking for the way for the workflow task email to contain a link directly to "Edit task" page rather than "Display task", so user doesnt have to click "Edit" button but go directly from the ...
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checked box value has usually the value of No in sharepoint list

I check my checkbox in the Form and i save it! but in the sharepoint list i find that the value is usual No! when i don't check it it's empty in the list. I want if i check i find yes if not i find ...
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How do I get to an AzureAD group members from a SharePoint LoginName using the graph?

I am trying to use the graph to find all users in a SharePoint group on O365. The SharePoint Group contains Azure AD groups. The LoginName for one of these Azure AD groups within a SharePoint group ...
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