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SharePoint REST API _api/web/currentuser Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation

I'm doing Office365 account-based login functionality through SharePoint on PHP. After doing that I was able to login and get the SPAppToken and SPSiteUrl I use them to get the refreshToken, then I ...
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Sharepoint List VAlidation setting

I am trying to add validation for my share point lists. I have List with items containing some fields [Delete Item] ,[Scored Status] and some other. I want if the item is scored than user should not ...
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How to disable an event firing

I have a document library and inside that i have a hierarchy of folders.I have made a column named "doc" of type hyperlink or picture. if the folder contain items, the doc column will get an image. ...
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upload to drop off library using CSOM documents not routing

Using PowerShell and CSOM, I'm able to upload to the Drop Off Library but the document never routes. Working with SP2016 on-prem. Manually uploaded documents route correctly. CSOM uploaded documents ...
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