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Calling HTTP endpoints via On-premises data gateway

I have a requirement to get information from an old legacy system thats on premise. If they have an API that is exposed can I use data gateway and a custom connector? I need to use Power Automate to ...
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SPONLINE - How to generate a sharing link via REST?

I have a big need from a customer : An external application needs to create folders and documents in a SharePoint Site. Then, it will need to generate external links to share those documents to a ...
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Incorrect API Endpoint URL

I'm very VERY new to SharePoint and am currently working on a project with needs a react SPFx Web Part to be developed which can be put on any site/page to read data from Document Libraries. However, ...
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Unable to retrieve user information in SharePoint endpoint

I am trying to validate if a user exists in a user group created in SharePoint. I am trying to get this information in Power Apps, through the trigger "Send HTTP" I pass the following in the Uri: ...
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Pricing tiers for creating a "Service Bus" that will be used as an end point while developing remote event receivers

I want to create some remote event receivers for our sharepoint online sites, and to be able to debug/test the code i need to create a service bus inside Azure, to be used as an endpoint for our ...
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SharePoint 2016 - Event ID 8313 - A failure was reported when trying to invoke a service application: EndpointFailure

This is in a SharePoint 2016 MinRole Farm (1 Front-End with Dist Cache and 1 Application with Search). On WFE server I see Error on Event Viewer from 5 AM to 6 PM hourly: Event ID 8313 User: DOMAIN\...
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