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Questions tagged [service-account]

Service accounts are Windows accounts with special permissions on farm servers and in the farm itself, and are responsible for automating many of SharePoint's functions and integrating it with the local operating system.

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Change Workflow Manager 2013 credentials

I need to change the service account running Workflow Manager 2013 and I am unable to find a procedure for doing this without dismantling the whole farm and starting again the process. I tried ...
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Which Steps to perform after changing Service Account password from Active Directory?

I have one requirement where I have to reset password of Service Accounts and SQL Administrator account of SharePoint from Active Directory. Now after changing these password what should be my next ...
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Service account to access data without being able to log into the web interface?

I've been asked a tricky question. Here is the schema. A user have access to a custom web interface, no SharePoint. He wants, through this interface, to access data on SharePoint. He has no account on ...
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InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2013 Claims Based

I cant get InfoPath 2010 to auto populate current user in SharePoint 2013, It keeps populating service account. I know this has to do with claims based auth but I can't see any reasonably workaround ...
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What are the limitations on number of emails that can be sent by our power automate flow which is running under E1 license (low performance profile)

We have a scheduled flow flow which run under a service account that have E1 license (low performance profile), and the scheduled flow sends email using the "Send an Email V2", as follow:- ...
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How to update service account password for SharePoint 2016 for unmanaged accounts?

How to change unmanaged service account's password for SharePoint 2016?
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Unattended license

In my current organization there is a confusion about using E3 vs. E3 Unattended licenses for service accounts. E.g. A simple Power Automate flow is supposed to update an Excel row via the Power ...
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Get service account details and their usages in SharePoint Environment

We have lots of service accounts in our SharePoint environment, now we are planning to delete the unwanted service accounts from our environment to keep the environment clean. So, I was checking ...
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How do I use only service account connections, and not individual connections, in my Forms/SharePoint Flow?

I created a flow with my individual user. For each action within the flow, I chose to use the connection related to a service account (automation_noreply). When I look at the connections listed in the ...
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SharePoint 2016 service accounts password change

I am in a situation where I need to change ALL SharePoint 2016 service account passwords. AD team will be providing me with the passwords. Currently I don't know all service account usernames/...
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Flow Creates Multiple Email Notices Each time File is Modified

I am trying to create a Flow that generates a single email notice when three separate columns are modified in a SharePoint document library. However, I cannot prevent multiple email notices from ...
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Best practice : Which account to perform Export of subsite

I need to perform an export/import of a subsite between environments. Is it ok if I use my personal account (which has local admin) to do this, or should I use a service account such as the sp_install ...
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Query on sharing files in SharePoint 2013 Online

We want to develop an application that reads/downloads zipped files from document library on SharePoint online portal. We would like to know that is there an alternative to get this done without using ...
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Creating A New SharePoint Service Admin Account

We want to create a new SharePoint Service Admin account that will have Farm administrator privileges exactly the same as the existing Farm account. [EDIT] I need this to work for 2007, 2010 and 2013 ...
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SharePoint installation using one-account method

please help me with one hard task. I am not able to convince some admins and neither whole companies that installing & using SharePoint by using one (local) account method is against all best ...
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Security Token Service - which account and permissions should be?

I would like to ask you about Security Token Service, in SharePoint Foundation. Default this service works on user who installed SP but I would like to change this account. Which permissions I have to ...
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