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In computer science, in the context of data storage and transmission, serialization is the process of translating data structures or object state into a format that can be stored (for example, in a file or memory buffer, or transmitted across a network connection link) and reconstructed later in the same or another computer environment.

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Item properties pane serialization or deserialization using the JSON JavaScriptSerializer issue SPO

We have done SP2013 to the Online migration for a large custom document library having around 600k items. We are getting the error like "Properties can not be displayed having error: Error during ...
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SharePoint 2016 - NewForm.aspx- serialization error- The length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLength property

We have a very large list with more than 10,000 items. We can display the list. We can edit an exiting item from the list. But when we create a new item we get an error. as below: Application error ...
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Read Sharepoint list into object

I need to compare an xml document with the records in a SharePoint list in a vb.Net client side application. Using Visual Studio 2015. My plan was to read all list items in an object. I am fine until ...
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Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON JavaScriptSerializer

I have a custom SharePoint 2013 Custom List. I have a column which is of type Multiple Lines of Text. In this column I am storing a very large string, which is essentially a serialized string with a ...
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serialization error after session state enabled

I am getting the follwoing error when i open visual webpart in a custom list form.I have enabled session state for the application. any idea? SerializationException: Type 'Microsoft.SharePoint....
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Serialize form data into document library with document

I don't know of the title of the question is clear enough, so let me explain: I have a form that a user should file in, personal details, like firstname, lastname, etc. and then a file upload control ...
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Save MailMessage Object to Documentset

I got a System.Net.Mail MailMessage object and want to save it to a documentset after sending. This object contains sender, to, cc, Html body and attachments. How can I save it to a documentset? I ...
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EventDeliveryFailedException "OnWorkflowItemChanged" SerializationException: Cannot get the member "Foo"

I am very stuck on this and would appreciate any leads. I have a complex Visual Studio State Machine Workflow that sporadically errors out with no Unexpected error. All I see in ULS is: Engine ...
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How to have SPSite object available in custom Timer Job?

Here's my FeatureActivated method: public override void FeatureActivated(SPFeatureReceiverProperties properties) { SPSite site; MyCustomJob customJob; SPDailySchedule schedule; ...
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