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Server-to-server(S2S) authentication allows for servers that are capable of server-to-server authentication to access and request resources from one another on behalf of users.

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S2S authorization only working when user has an active session in SharePoint?

I am working on a provider-hosted app that uses high-trust S2S authorization (please pardon me if my terminology isn't quite right) to access SharePoint on the user's behalf. In my test environment, ...
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SharePoint 2013 High Trust App Error: Type : System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException

I am trying to deploy a high trust app and my app is failing consistently in TokenHelper class with below error: Inner Exception Type : System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException, mscorlib, ...
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When is it necessary set up S2S Security Token service for an App

I have built both SharePoint hosted and provided hosted apps. One thing I think that is not obvious is when you are required to set up the S2S Security token issuer service (STS) to provide access ...
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can provider-hosted app deployed outside the domain when using s2s

I'm creating a SharePoint provider-hosted app using visual studio 2013 in a machine and connecting to SharePoint 2013 on another machine. Visual studio is not in the same domain as SharePoint domain....
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SharePoint 2013 provider hosted app w/ADFS user converted authenticates to windows user no SAML user

I have a High Trust Provider hosted app using the configuration and claims helper from this blog post . The app can authenticate as app only but when I pass in the user information I get "There was ...
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