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SharePoint 2013 "Runtime Error"

I'm receiving this error when trying to check-in a document in a document library (it's only occurring on this document library). Server Error in '/' Application. You must fill out all required ...
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Why do I get a runtime error when I try to create an new subsite?

I am trying to create a new community site as a subsite to a host-headed site collection. I've specified name, valid URL, community Site template and to use the same permissions and navigation as ...
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Sharepoint Server Error

Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error I am getting this error in every site running SharePoint, even central administration. I located C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web ...
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Change the site look based on user's list item property

We have a list containing the ADUsername and Boolean field (Yes/No) columns. Based on the logged in user we are fetching this list item and corresponding value for yes/no field. Now we want to change ...
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