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Questions tagged [rollup-image]

A rollup image is a small image representational of a webpart that is embedded on a page. By default, the rollup image is only displayed on the desktop device channel.

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Rollover tooltips on 'List Items' on SharePoint 2013

Front-end page: I have a 'List' web part on my homepage, displaying IDs: My Database: The web part above is displaying data from a 'List' page I have created: What I want to achieve: How do I create ...
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Setting up the thumbnail link for social media websites on SharePoint

When users of our websites share a link from our SharePoint website on Facebook, Yammer, or any other social media, the image thumbnail defaults to a random image (see image) We've attempted to add ...
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How to find the FieldName of a Page Field in SharePoint 2013

I am creating a custom Layout page with snippets generated in the Snippet Gallery. When a "Page Field" snippet is generated, it looks something like this: <div data-name="Page Field: Title"> &...
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Animated Gifs on sharepoint roll up images and content query/search web parts

Any reason why when using a content query or search to pull roll up images (animated gifs) from article pages they do not animate? Any workaround?
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External website content source rollup image in search results

We currently have a search content source that is pointing at our non-SharePoint website. The crawl is working fine and we are able to see results from this website in our internal SharePoint search ...
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