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Questions tagged [reuse-term]

Part of term store management, the "Reuse Term" option is used to share terms across termsets.

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Unable to build and reuse our term hierarchy, error "Terms can not be shared multiple times in the same term set"

We want to build our term store to represent how our folder structure is been managed. Currently our folder structure inside the main document library has the following hierarchy :- 1) HR Dept - ...
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1 answer

Managed navigation with pinned terms

I have a list of training courses which are tagged with a LearningTopic managed metadata column. Values include thinks like Word, Excel, Photoshop, Phone Skills. This LearningTopic termset is used by ...
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how to re-use an existing term under another term but not termset

My problem is I can't reuse a term under another term. But reuse term under a termset works fine. How can I reuse a term under another term. What I'm trying to do here just works fine with web ...
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Architechture of Managed Navigation using Reuse Terms

I'm currently designing a Managed Navigation using Term Store Term Sets both hierarchically and process based. An example would be Continent > Country > Region > Municipality as the hierarchy and ...
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