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How to show and keep a page section for all sub sites while navigating?

If I use a hub site, I have a shared navigation bar that stays on top while I navigate through the linked pages:
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How to include content of one page in another page in Sharepoint Online (modern)?

I am quite new to Sharepoint and I would like to create reusable building blocks. Lets say I create a modern Page A in Sharepoint Online and include some contact persons (created using People WebPart)....
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In SharePoint 2013, how to embed one site page into another?

I have some common content as Site Pages, lets call it "Page 1", which I want to show in "Page 2" and "Page 3", just as it is shown in Page 1, so that I can just update Page 1, and Page 2 and Page 3 ...
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Can I stop Sharepoint from wrapping my reusable content in <span> tags?

I am creating reusable content blocks for site editors to add to page content but Sharepoint has a nasty habit of taking my pristine HTML and wrapping it in completely unnecessary <span> tags. ...
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How to use the reusable components in SPFx projects

I am working in a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) project in Online version. We have created two separate projects, one is main project and another one is common project. The common project will contain ...
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Adding re-usable content in page from same site

I am facing issue with adding Re-usable content in SharePoint 2016. I have a site collection and a sub-site under sitecollection. I have added some content in re-usable content list at sub-site level. ...
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Reusable Content Drop Down Menu Not Updating

I am on Sharepoint 2013 in a publishing site. I have created a reusable content field that we will apply to every page. Although there are other reusable content items, this is the only piece of ...
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List all pages used a particular "reusable content" item

Our user actively use the OOB "reusable content" function to dynamic update their pages. Each "reusable content" item is applying to 10-20 pages. Let's say one day user is going to remove one of "...
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