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Restricted View wont open the pdf

I have a document library with unique permissions. My goal is to restrict users from downloading PDF files and accessing other libraries and sites. To achieve this, I selected the "Restricted ...
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Easiest way to block access to a site for a group

I'm looking to remove access to select sites in our Sharepoint intranet for a group of users in a division we're divesting. I have a "M365" type dynamic group which should include all those ...
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SharePoint IP Address Restrictions on Anonymous sharing

My goal is to restrict access on my web excel documents from outside my organization. This works fine on all my OneDrive files except the ones I'm sharing anonymously. For example I have a document on ...
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Is it possible to restrict a group of users from all SharePoint Online sites except one?

As the title says: "Is it possible to restrict a group of users from all SharePoint Online sites except one?". I have a specific group of users that should be able to access one single site ...
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Sharepoint 2016 message "Sorry, this list hasnt been shared with you" when accessing from new subnet. Access from existing subnet works fine

I recently configured a new VPN for users in our UK office. This new VPN was created to allow users to access a SharePoint server that is located on an Azure VM. The office has a VPN to the Azure ...
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How to restrict an item on a list

I have a sharepoint list with numerous options, and I need to somehow make an option a list as confidential, being that on that specific item marked as confidential. I need to make sure that itens ...
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Restrict Search functionality to specific users

I want to restrict the search feature, in a web application/site collection, to limited user. it will like I will make a SP Group and only users of that group can use search functionality and rest of ...
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Adding a missing 'Restricted View' permission Level - which check-boxes to check

I have 3 sites in Sharepoint for classes I have. In the site of one class I was able to successfully create a new group that would allow users to read but not download files with an available ...
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SharePoint Permissions - User Restricted

Is there anyway to restrict users to view data only available to their login? I'm trying to create bulk forms with data points for individual logins. But do we have any option to restrict data to be ...
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Give site members the "Stop sharing" option

I'm trying to set up a database for scientific reports, which will only be used by the project managers who prepare those reports. Since some projects involve confidentiality issues, I would like to ...
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Restrict partial access in an excel shared file in sharepoint

I have an excel file that has many users but I would like to restrict access to sort or modify the format. Is this possible? Update: This is a shared file with about 200 employees adding new data ...
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Hide site contents from visitors

I have a communication site. I want to hide site content from a few visitors. Just want to provide them access to view home pages only. For this I used Restricted Read permission. But user with ...
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Manage access to file within a flow

What I am trying to do is remove access to all groups and users but make the user that triggered the flow the owner and be the only one with access to that document. Is this possible without using ...
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SharePoint Online : restricted view - documents

How can I modify permissions for documents? When I have a folder with documents (A,B,C,D,E). I want that only user A and user B can see documents ABC, user C can see all of them and user D can see ...
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Can we deny a Site Owner (not Site Col. Admin) access to a Document Library in his site?

We would like to set up a Document Library in a SharePoint Online site with different members, visitors and owners than the Site the Document Library will be created in. It works very well (we have ...
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Metadata filtering on libraries for users having "Read only" access

We have a library where all the files have been tagged using 5 Metadata terms for each (so 5 Metadata term sets, and a lot more terms underneath each). The problem is that all users can see all the ...
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How to prevent end users accessing site contents,site setting page through URL

Is there any way I can prevent end users from accessing the site setting page,site contents page by directly entering/ typing in the browser. Except a custom SPGroup,site collection admin nobody ...
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