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Power Automate - How to Update SharePoint list with Approval Response

I have a Power Automate flow that triggers on a New Item, then Creates an Approval (2 custom responses - Approved/Rejected). I've got it all set up so far. the notification gets sent when an item is ...
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SharePoint Online - Issue with REST API call on a List exceeded the threshold limit

I have a List in a SharePoint Online site collection which has exceeded 5000 items. I have indexed the columns that are needed in the REST API filter query during list creation itself. Below is the ...
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API issues downloading image, empty file or corrupted image

What I'm trying to accomplish is this. I'm working on an integration web app that lets our techs pull data from our crm and sharepoint. What I'd like to be able to do is display images held in ...
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Can't see all survey responses with Full Control

I have created a survey with one branching question and allow other to fill out the survey with the Contribute permission. I have the Full Control permission but somehow cannot see all responses, only ...
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SharePoint list form - Waiting (TTFB) is too high

I have a SharePoint list form which is taking average 20 seconds time to load. When I check in Chrome Developer Tools, I found that Waiting(TTFB) is taking around 18 seconds to load. This issue is ...
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REST API Javascript - How to get an Id of document from a document library?

How can I get an Id of document from a document library using JavaScript REST API? I have an ajax call: http://site/_api/web/GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl('DOCUMENT_LIBRARY_NAME')/Files And it ...
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Increasing StaticDisplayLevels in SharePoint Online increases Response time for the page

Recently I changed StaticDisplayLevels from 3 to 5 in MasterPage of SharePoint Online. Due to this Response time of page drastically increased from 15sec to 56sec (Big Difference). Could anyone ...
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Unknown Network Error when export file

I would like to get all specific files in Document Library and export them as a zip file. The bellow code block works well when I call it from Page Layouts, or Web Parts, but does not work when I ...
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Pics as SharePoint Survey response

We are building a new Survey that we would like responders to upload an image of themselves as a response and link it to their demographic detail. Is this possible to allow for as a response?
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Close SPDialog after using Response.TransmitFile

I am using some javascript to open a dialog like this: var options = { title: "Generate Report", url: "/_layouts/ConfirmPrint.aspx", dialogReturnValueCallback : Function.createDelegate(...
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Pass Credentials on a SharePoint site and get a Response

I'm trying to pass credentials against a SharePoint site (It uses Windows Authentication). This is the code I'm using to do so, SPServices.Lists sourceListService = new SPServices.Lists(); ...
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ajax call with SharePoint REST API to get JSON response

I am trying to GET list items from SharePoint 2013 using REST API and ajax call.It is returning by default ATOM+XML. I want the response in JSON format. I tried the following however still same XML ...
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Sandbox: can I get an html list item to Run in iframe?

I guess the real question is can I get rid of these lines in Response Header: X-Download-Options: noopen and Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=... so I can actually see an HTML page ...
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This Page has been modified since you opened it. You must open the page again. Refresh. When I postback to another site from button

If I button post one sharePoint site page to a page on another I get This Page has been modified since you opened it. You must open the page again. Refresh I have a webpart page with an ...
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Download file from virtual directory (SharePoint 2010)

I need to download a file from a virtual directory when clicking on a button in sharepoint. I've tried this: page.Response.ContentType = "text/vcard"; page.Response.AppendHeader("Content-Disposition"...
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