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Report Builder is a strong tool provided in SQL Server Reporting Services to design, execute and deploy reports.

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SSRS 2016 native mode fail to connect SharePoint list datasource

We are using SP2016 with SQL 2016 standard (13.0.5026.0 SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 2 (SP2)). SSRS feature is enabled in SQL server and service started. I am able to browse the SSRS portal with http:/...
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Install SSRS SP mode after SP2016 is setup not working

We are using SP2016 on-premise with SQL 2016 enterprise edition. After everything is setup we realize we also require SQL Reporting service enable on the farm. Hence, on our application server we ...
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sp2010 to sp2016 and reporting services viewer in sharepoint 2016 error

I made a migration from sharepoint 2010 to 2016, and I'm having a problem, I'm using reporting services and I want to visualize reports from the browser without using report builder but, I cannot do ...
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Client cannot open report builder on reports on other subsites

We have SSRS that is Sharepoint integrated. We have report builder downloadable from our sharepoint server as well when users modify rdl reports. We have one client that is able to open reports in ...
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Error while creating Report Data Source and SSRS Report in SharePoint 2016

I have a SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise Edition farm with SQL Server 2016 Standard edition as the DB server. I successfully installed the SQL Server 2016 Reporting Service Add-in for SharePoint ...
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2 answers

Report builder Lookup function only match less then half of records

I am using SP2010 and SRSS is installed on the farm. I built a report using report builder 3.0. In my report, I have several datasets. Dataset A returns about 10,000 records and Dataset B 150,000 ...
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How to change ReportServerUrl in Report Builder 3.0? [closed]

We have 2 reporting server. One for test and one for production. Our business analyst will build the reports (rdl files) using Report Builder 3.0. After they complete the development and test on test ...