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Infopath2013 Form - Using a Drop down to tell which part of a repeating section to show

I have a large form that uses repeating sections to show data so a user can make a better decision when filling out the form. The form is bound to a sharepoint list which is a work queue for ...
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creating groups and Repeating tables in Infopath

I want to create a repeating table in infopath for which I tried creating a group but when I right click on myfields, I find the Add option greyed out. Is it necessary to create group for repeating ...
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javascript not working first time after iisreset in a visual web part

I am having a bug in one of the visual web parts. First of all, this is not my code and I am not an expert in javascript. Secondly, this issue is only happening the first time after the pool has been ...
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How to show all items in repeating table in sharepoint list

Please how can i ensure that all rows of a repeating table in my infopath form is populated on SharePoint (and not only the first row).
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Add Note Button to Repeating Table

Is there a way to have a button where on pressed takes the 'Value' from a repeating table, appends to 'History Value' with time/date stamp while the form is still opened? I've tried having buttons ...
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Repeating Section for item in a List - where is the data stored?

I have developed a form for displaying data in a SP List. I have added a repeating section on the form, and it will save the data. It doesn't save to the list, which makes sense, but where does SP ...
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