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Remote event receivers work similarly to regular event receivers except that remote event receivers handle events that occur when an app for SharePoint is on a different system from its host web application.

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Remote Event Receiver on updated will be fired multiple time

If someone ever had a similar experience, i'm trying to update word document in the document library and the problem is that my ItemUpdated is triggered multiple times. I think that last clientContext....
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Unable to debug our Remote Event Receiver using Azure service bus. "One or more services were unregistered from the Microsoft Azure Service Bus. "

I am developing a remote event receiver for our site collection. so inside Visual Studio 2015, i did the following:- i created a new sharepoint add-in of type provider hosted app. I added the code as ...
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Get before properties in ItemUpdated event via CSOM in a RER

Can I get the before properties in item updated? I need to check if a field changed its value, between the previous and the new value in a RER with CSOM. The following code tell me the ...
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Office 365 document library remote event receiver issue

ItemAdded event issue: Whenever we upload Office documents (Excel, Word and PowerPoint), the first time, it hits and works fine. If we upload the same document and replace, then the event is not ...
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Using Remote event receiver on list item adding create SPGroup in Autohosted App

I am trying to create remote event receiver on the list which is created in my app. I want to create SharePoint group when I add item in the list. I have questions like: Is it possible to create ...
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Unable to run a Remote Event Receiver using App Only Authentication. Error "Access Denied "

I want to build a remote event receiver for our SharePoint online development site collection. So i followed the step mentioned in this link @
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Debug my Remote Event Receiver using Ngrok will return this error "The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized

I have the following code inside my remote event receiver:- public void ProcessOneWayEvent(SPRemoteEventProperties properties) { int listItemID = properties.ItemEventProperties....
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Remote Event Receiver is not being triggered

I have a list called clients, when a new item is added to the list a new sub site should be created. I created an Azure Service Bus and copy pasted the ACS connection string for debugging. I can ...
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