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Relative URL or using _spPageContextInfo

For some reason, relative URLs are not working OR I am using the wrong syntax. I have tried the following with no luck on my CEWP HTML page. <script src="/jslib/jquery351/jquery351.min.js&...
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Need help with relative path from application page to sitepage

I am currently developing a SharePoint visual web part farm solution. I'm having trouble determining how without hardcoding a link to get from http://sharetest/sites/Dev/_layouts/15/HelpDesk/...
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2 answers

Content Editor Web Part Not Rendering Due to Link

I have a problem with a CEWP not rendering because of the link entered. It is a custom WP, but what was customized is just the CSS, so I'm pretty sure that the CSS isn't causing the issue. I have ...
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How to GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl for Document Library/Folder name containing special characters?

Suppose I have a document library or, a folder inside a document library with some special character e.g. te$t. I want to do GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl to upload some file to that folder. But it ...
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How can I add an image from a relative URL to be displayed in a ContentQuery WebPart?

I created a Content Query webpart that dynamically feeds from different blog posts from different sites and subsites. Now: I am trying to set up the Query so that a logo would appear as the Rollup ...
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Relative url not working for home page when welcome page is set

I have created an HTML snippet which references a js file stored in site assets folder. The path to this file in my snippet is as ../SiteAssets/MyJsFile.js In SharePoint, welcome page is set to [...
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