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1 answer

Search Issue in SP2007

We had some disk space issue on our search server and after which search is not working and displaying the error "The search request was unable to connect to the Search Service". 1 server is used as ...
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Determine if 2016 is installed or not

To check whether SharePoint is installed on a server or not and if so, which version, we could use the Registry Key for 2010 "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\...
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How to Install and deploy a custom XML indexing connector for SharePoint Server 2016

I have gone through the link and trying to implement the ...
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Why is changing the sharepoint configuration database from the registry unsupported?

I have a sharepoint 2010 server pointed to an old DNS entry we used for our SQL configuration database. It turns out that I do not want to use that DNS entry, but a different one in my connection ...
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DisableLoopbackCheck and DisableStrictNameChecking

Over past few months, I have often ran into issues which end up with DisableLoopbackCheck and DisableStrictNameChecking being candidate root causes. However, I never really become able to understand ...
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Custom Word Breaker for Sharepoint 2013?

I'm finding a lot of articles which explain how to change the Sharepoint 2013 Word Breakers via the Registry. However, I'm not sure what values I should be putting in the WBreakerClass fields. I'd ...
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Multiple - Requested registry access is not allowed

I'm trying to set up a SharePoint 2013 installation but when I started to configure services I ran in to some issues with registry permission. The Central Administration Application Pool and ...
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Deployment time of wsp in Sharepoint

I like to enter the deployment time of wsp into registry when we had installed on particular server. How to get it in code?
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2 answers

Link Outlook contact card to SharePoint 2010 MySite

In Outlook 2010, when a user hovers over a person's name, a "contact card" pops up with various info such as picture, position, presence, etc. Example: As you can see, the contact name is also ...
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One user can't open a folder in explorer view, others can

I have an issue where one user is currently unable to open a folder (the folder has ~40,000 8kb-12kb XML files within it) in explorer view. I believe this could potentially be being caused by limits ...
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Registry Keys for Sharepoint2007 to allow Custom OpenDocuments control

I asked this on stack overflow, and they recommended I ask here instead. I am trying to create a custom version of SharePoint's OpenDocuments control following an article on the MSDN sharepoint blog. ...
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Where are WSS/MOSS 2007 registry entries stored on 64bit?

I wonder if someone can tell me where, on a totally fresh install of WSS/MOSS 2007 on a 64bit machine, are the registry keys placed? Is it: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web ...
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