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The process of subscribing an Ajax component to a webpage.

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2 answers

Error when register app on SharePoint Online

Need to register an app on Sharepoint I got this form: After fill it and click CREATE i get: How can I fix this?
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2 answers

Copy files from specific SP folder every morning from client

Context Using PowerShell, I was hoping to schedule a task to pull down files from specific folders on SharePoint automatically every morning. It seems fairly simple, but I cannot even manage to ...
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Unknown server tag when using visual webpart in masterpage in sharpoint 2010

This is just a basic question. I have a solution say "My.Solution".In this I have a project say "My.Project". I added a visual webpart say "Menu". The namespace of the webpart is like My.Project.Menu....
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SharePoint calendar, users self register

I have a SharePoint Calendar where I publish events. At the moment, users need to click a link on the item with a predefined "mailto:..." and send the email, but I would like to create some kind of ...
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Ajax Control Toolkit in SP2013 [closed]

Has anyone ever used the Ajax Control Toolkit in SP2013? It seems that I don't get it working. I've added the AjaxControlToolkit.dll to my package (with safecontrols) And in my masterpage I reference ...
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