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A reference is essentially an entry in a project file that contains the information that application needs to locate the component or the service.

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How to validate incoming items & use AND/OR Function

I’m a bit confused on how to use the Validation Settings for SharePoint List/Discussion Board. In my discussion board there is a Country Column and one of the default Subject Column. My intention is ...
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PowerApps - How can I reference the Created By SharePoint field in the form?

I am modifying a SharePoint form in PowerApps, and I'm trying to populate a text field based on whether or not the Created By field (from SharePoint) is populated. Essentially I'm trying to set a ...
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Adding Microsoft.SharePoint.Client reference to project in Visual Studio Code

I'm just starting out with a new Console Application project in VS Code and I need to add a reference to my project for Microsoft.SharePoint.Client using: dotnet add package Microsoft.SharePoint....
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Sharepoint list column display

I got a list where i use the PromotedState column to display if a site is a sitepage or a newspage based on the number "0" and "2" (0=sitepage, 2=newspage). The column is populated ...
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Where does SharePoint Webpart store a Nintex Form? [closed]

I am working with a SharePoint webpage which has a webpart. This webpart uses a Nintex Form. I wanted to change that Nintex form, so I created a new one and published it on https://mysite/NintexForms/...
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Best SharePoint Online Reference books [closed]

Any recommendations for a SharePoint advanced or developer reference tome? Something more detailed and deeper than the very respected Dummy's books...
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Custom list reference number

I'd like to know how to use a calculated formula column to generate a custom reference number in the below format / SharePoint 2013 OIPCR-Month/Year/Unique number starting from 100 EG. OIPCR-Mar17-...
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How to put a reference for a css in aspx page layout in SharePoint 2016

How to put a reference for a CSS in aspx page layout in SharePoint 2016 <SharePoint:CssRegistration name="&#60;% $SPUrl:~sitecollection/Style Library/Test/Custom.css %&#62;" runat="...
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Referencing JS, CSS files from other site collections in masterpage

We usually reference js files using tokens ~site and ~sitecollection and putting below into the masterpage: <SharePoint:ScriptLink language="javascript" name="~sitecollection/files/abc.js" runat="...
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