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Read items that were created by the user cannot be enabled

We're trying to enable a setting in a group on Sharepoint When trying to save this we get the following error message: Did anyone have any experience with this on how to resolve it? Thanks!
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User in custom reader group unable to access site (until added to custom contributor group and removed)

I have a site collection with custom web parts (which do not alter permission groups but use them) and custom permission groups in Sharepoint 2013. There are no subsites. When I add a user to a ...
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SharePoint 2013 Style Library file not accessible with read permission

I have a Content Editor webpart in a page which refers some images in Style Library. When users who have read permission to Style Library are not able to view those images in page. When I give ...
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SharePoint 2010 - Office Files opening in READ ONLY mode (Even with users having Contribute Permissions)

I was wondering if somebody could offer me some advice. I work in a major organisation and I look after our SharePoint 2010 site. The issue were having is that sometimes, members of staff, where if ...
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Sharepoint Read only Not supported in chrome

I have a SP 2013 document library with unique permissions. Condition is Read only user can just view the document but not download and not open in browser. This works fine with IE. However when opened ...
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Users with 'Read' access not able to like posts on newsfeed

We have a NewsFeed WebPart added to our site collection. But users with read access are not able to like the post. Generally users with read access should be able to like the posts because on our ...
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System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermission exception is thrown when I try accessing Word file from local machine

I am using DocumentFormat dll in my application to write a Word file from another Word file. The file from which I copy the contents is placed on 14 hive location. When I try accessing it using the ...
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Read file from sharepoint 2013 layouts folder

I want to get the path of a file from _layouts folder in SharePoint 2013, for a stream input. I tried: iTextSharp.text.Document doc = new iTextSharp.text.Document(PageSize.A4); var path = Server....
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Finding the Contents of a Rich Text Column with jQuery

I'm basically trying to do this: LINK, now, I've used Marc's methods before and SPServices etc, so it must be something ruddy stupid on my part, because everything else from him has worked without ...
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Getting SharePoint list with curl has limits?

I have SharePoint list with more than 1000 items(ID's). I'm dumping list with BASH script to my server with curl: curl --ntlm -u $curl_account $SITE -o $output_file 2>/dev/null and I get only ...
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Blank browser screen even with correct permissions. Bug?

I had a user who couldn't see a few pages / lists even though she had full rights to read and contribute. The page would be blank (no error) if she tried loading them. In order to fix this, I had to ...
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