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Questions tagged [provisioning-providers]

A provider is a Component Object Model (COM) object that consists of one or more procedures that provision a resource or a distinct set of services, such as Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, or Resource Manager. For more information

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Any way to figure out whether a site was created via Self-Service Site Creation or "regularly"?

Is there any way to figure out whether a site was created by a user, using self-service site creation or by an admin by Central Administration or PowerShell? I tried looking through the SPWeb....
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Can I use a provisioningProvider to a custom web template?

I have problems with the sequence of my logic. I have featere1 where I have my custom webtemplate. Then I have feature2 where I have implemented my default.aspx page. Feature1 is activating feature2. ...
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Overflowing SPWebProvisioningProvider.Provisioning call

I have implemented a SPWebProvisioningProvider class which overrides the Provision method for a custom site definition. If I don't run any code, I get the 'select a template' page when I open up my ...
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In what order does a Site Definition provision a site?

I have created a site definition in which I have a series of web scoped features getting activated. Some of the features are meant to set targetting audiences on webparts, some of them are creating ...
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"Invalid Field Name" Exception when using Provisioning

I wanted to create a site template package. Instead of going with a custom site definition, I planned to go with the recommended "Provisioning Provider" technique. The solution was going just fine. ...
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How can I run custom code when a new site is created for a specific template?

I have created a webtemplate feature based on TeamSite project, but I want to add code to run when I create a site based on this template. Any idea how to do this? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Can WebProvisioningProvider assembly version be automated in webtemp xml file?

I have a basic site site definition I am attempting to provision with a custom SPWebProvisioningProvider. I have the following attributes set in the webtemp xml file ProvisionAssembly="{assembly ...
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Changing site/list definitions post-production

There have been several questions asked on this site regarding the best way to provision sites and lists (definition schemas vs. templates vs. the object model vs. the web interface vs. provisioning ...
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3 answers

Problem making fields 'required' when provisioning using XML

I am provisioning a SharePoint site column using the object model and an xml string as follows: using (SPSite site = new SPSite("http://myserver")) { using (SPWeb web = site....
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Invalid field name error when calling GetAvailablePageLayouts()

UPDATE Worth noting that this is only happening when the site definition is called from SPWebApplication.Sites.Add, if I use the UI then this works fine. My code is impersonating the system account ...
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When to use Custom Site Definitions... and not

Its an old battle between ITpro and developer. ITpros hate them due to upgrade issues, devs like the freedom it gives them without having to do house cleaning with feature stapling. What is your ...