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Questions tagged [promises]

Questions related to promise in terms of asynchronous calls

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1 answer

Using promises with executeQueryAsync results in error

I'm pulling information from an Excel spreadsheet and trying to check the rows against data from a SharePoint list to find duplicates. The executeQueryAsync() in the itemIsDuplicate() function is ...
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2 answers

Client Side Rendering with Async dependencies

In my display template I want to render a field in different ways based on the user's group membership. The information about the group membership comes from an async ajax call (jsom or rest) What I ...
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SP Online - Use promises in SharePoint-Hosted Add-in

I want to know what is the best way for using JS chaines promises in for SharePoint-Hosted Add-in. In my code: I have a pageLoad function that's getting data from SP and I want to execute pageLoad ...
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