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The project site template is designed to help you plan the work that needs to be done, collaborates with teammates, and collect project files and documents.

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Project Web App - get project related site from Project ID via REST

My question is the exact opposite of Project Web App - get Project ID from project related site via REST. In that question, the user asked Is there a way to get the Project ID of the published project ...
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Associating a Project Online project with a Microsoft Teams Project Site

Today I discovered Project Web App. I'd always wondered why the Project Professional licenses we had were called Project Online even though they were desktop apps, and now I understand. I had already ...
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What is Data connection Library?

What is the data connection library in SharePoint online? what is the relation between the Infopath & data connection - library? When to use a data connection library? What are the uses and ...
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what is the difference between the team site and project site?

I am new to SharePoint. I have researched something about the team site and project site as per my practical knowledge on team site and project site. I didn't find any difference. What is the ...
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Project Web App - get Project ID from project related site via REST

This is in SP2016 / Project Server 2016 on-prem. (Also, full disclosure, my first experience with Project Server / PWAs.) Let's say I have a PWA set up at the URL http://servername/pwa/MyProjects. ...
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What are most relevant project management complements free in SharePoint 2013?

Im checking to install a project management complement, and searching about they i found workpoint365 and kanbanboard i need know they are nice complements or not and what are most relevant project ...
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Tasks List Gantt Chart showing wrong Due Date

I am working in SharePoint Server 2013 on-premise project and have created a site collection using project template. I am using Tasks Lists where in Allitems view is showing the correct Due Date. ...
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Is it possible to roll up multiple timelines in a project summary

I want to create several project sites and then have a top level project site with a project summary that rolls up the tasks and events from all sub projects into a single project summary. Is it ...
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Create project site with CSOM

How can I create a project site using CSOM? I've checked everything I can call from PublishedProject and DraftProject but found nothing related to this. Is it at all possible? If yes, where can I ...
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