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Can we build a Staff Directory. show a picture of the person, their title, their phone number, their email and a Chat with me button (through teams)

We have Office 365 + SharePoint online, and I am not sure if we can achieve this inside a SharePoint modern page: Build a list which show a Staff Directory. This could show a picture of the person, ...
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M365 Sharepoint People web part Details not updating from AD correctly

It seems an eagle-eyed user found that when looking at the People web part in M365 Sharepoint, the person's job title is correct. But when you look at the Organization tab of a person, the "...
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SharePoint dynamic employee directory

I'm looking for a solution to be able to create a dynamic employee directory. Right now our company uses a SharePoint list that is filled by HR whenever a new employee comes on board, but this is ...
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