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A parse error means the compiler couldn't parse your source file (i.e. syntax error).

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sp2013 master - the base type is not allowed for this page not registered as safe

I uploaded new master page via SharePoint UI and go this parse error: rolling back to an older version get me same error. the name of the master is nameNewMaster.master seems like an missing key or ...
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Using Power Automate To Parse Email and Extract Information From The Body

I have a website that I collect details from and details are submitted via a form that lands into my mailbox. Here are the details: Question 1: Other: Ouestion 1 Details: Question 1 Details 2: First ...
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Getting all SharePoint groups that user is member of with HTTP request

I have succeeded with an HTTP request to retrieve the group a person is a member of (see image). But if the person is a member of several groups in the same site collection, the Parse in the flow does ...
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XML Parsing Error: no element found while loading application page

I have added an application Page (MyCertificate.aspx) which generates PDF file by using Crystal Reports into an existing SharePoint solution. Everything works fine on my development server but after ...
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