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Questions tagged [page-not-found]

HTTP 404 error indicating that the URL specified by the client does not exist on the target domain.

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why im getting error "404 NOT FOUND" when adding HttpModule in Sharepoint 2010?

I developed a httpmodule that inherits from IHttpModule to use "Session_Start" event, add the output DLL to GAC and adds the "add" tag into web.config in "modules" section. All things seem to be ok ...
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SharePoint 2013 - Page not found referer URL

I want to get Page referrer URL in order to keep record that invalid URL exists on which Page. I have given try to : Page.Request.ServerVariables["HTTP_REFERER"] HttpContext.Current.Request....
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Callstack set to false, httpmodule page not found is not working

I am using httpmodule to show custom 404 message. This works fine, if the callstack is set to true in web.config. But in the actual environment, callstack needs to be set to false. When the call stack ...
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Page not found getting redirected to local url

I have a WebApplcation which contains a Publishing Site with Variations feature enabled. The follwing is and example url for the site "" However when I type a wrong url or an ...
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Page cannot be found when access rest api throught broweser

Hi everyone have an issue when attempt to access restful api through browser with basic request as picture below instead of xml result: it also occurs on CSOM the error returns : The remote server ...
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Edit button, Page Not found

My sharepoint was recently migrated to a new server. Changed the url for all the pages. I have an important page that contains lists grouped by categories. I would frequently use the Edit button to ...
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404 Page Not Found error in SharePoint 2010

I have a sub site who's home page is set to default.aspx which is not stored in any of the document library like pages,site assets or site pages.Below is the URL structure. http://server-X:port/sites/...
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