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owstimer.exe is a SharePoint Timer Service from Microsoft Corporation belonging to Microsoft SharePoint Non-system processes like owstimer.exe originate from software you installed on your system.

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Timer Service Recycle not working properly and OWSTIMER consumes a lot of RAM

We are having a high usage of RAM in our producction enviroment because the timer service isn't recycling (I think). The Timer Service Recycle is throwing Success in its history, but it doesn't ...
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Unknown SQL Exception -1 occurred. OWSTIMER.exe for intermittently delayed alerts

I am currently troubleshooting our alerts system. It seems to send alert emails intermittently with sometimes no delays or sometimes multi-hour delays. I am poking around in the log files and the ...
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SharePoint Timer Service is attempting to load application DLLs on non-WFE server even though Deployment Server Type is Front-end web server

My SharePoint environment consists of 4 servers: SQL, App, WFE and non-WFE. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application service is running on App and WFE servers. Deployment server type: Front-...
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Can't find Sharepoint timerjob service among process to attach

I would like to attach Visual Studio to OWSTIMER service to debug the execution of a sharepoint timer job, but the service stopped to appear among services to attach in Visual Studio. Any idea why ? ...
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Getting 5586 event id error with SharePoint 2013

Please find the logs from server 05/12/2017 05:59:11.30 OWSTIMER.EXE (0x2DF8) 0x13A0 SharePoint Foundation Database 880i High System.Data.SqlClient....
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Does restarting the SharePoint Timer Service have any negative impact on scheduled or running jobs?

I have a custom SharePoint job that I created. When I make updates to it, I restart the timer service programmatically to make sure that older, cached copy of DLLs are not used. However, this design ...
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How to control Timer & Distribution services not consume more system resources in standalone server

i have a single server for staging it installed sharepoint 2013 + Project server 2013 and it has 8 GB this server using CPU 100 % and timer service and distribution cache service running on more ...
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Unable to fetch FedAuth cookie when running in timer job

We are fetching FedAuth cookie and we have a working code snippet. When we run it from a console application it works fine. But when we try to run it from a timer job it returns with response HTML ...
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OWSTimer.exe recycles Application Pool when deploying solution

When I try to Unistall/Update the solution in Sharepoint using powershell the OWSTimer.EXE is resetting the Application pool of FrontEnd server. Even in Manifest file, I have mentioned ResetWebServer="...
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OWSTIMER detective work

I'm curious if there is a way to look into OWSTIMER. Let's say the timer service is using 10% CPU and 15 GB of memory. Is there any way to see exactly what is running in the timer service? I'm ...
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How to use signalR on SharePoint timer job

I have a requirement as below. Clients will be connected with a SignalR Hub by accessing the SharePoint Web. Requirement#1 I should be able to send notification to clients when an event occurs on ...
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Failed to get restore event for content db, SPException: The changeToken refers to a time before the start of the current change log

I am receiving the below two errors in the Sharepoint ULS logs when running the timer job "Taxonomy Update Scheduler". 02/24/2016 02:19:01.68 OWSTIMER.EXE (0x1B74) 0x1B70 ...
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SharePoint custom timer job does not execute

I have a custom timer job that inserts into 3 lists. I've been following this tutorial and it was working perfectly fine, I was able to debug and deploy the timer without any problems. Now a few ...
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Sharepoint 2013 Timer Service extremely high CPU usage

We are running a sharepoint 2013 on our server and it uses extreme high cpu every now and then. The only way to get rid of it so far is by restarting the service. However this is of course not ...
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When should we use SharePoint Timer job and when Windows Task Scheduler?

Can somehow explain me what are of the benefits of using SharePoint Timer jobs over Windows Task Scheduler?
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How to read values from Secure Store Service Application in a timer Job

I have in my sharepoint application an external source that must be accessed by 2 parts of my application The first part is a page, where the users can search on a form, the external data. The second ...
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How to have SPSite object available in custom Timer Job?

Here's my FeatureActivated method: public override void FeatureActivated(SPFeatureReceiverProperties properties) { SPSite site; MyCustomJob customJob; SPDailySchedule schedule; ...
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HttpWebRequest in TimerJob

I have an aspx-page in the Layouts-folder. A timejob makes a httpwebrequest on this page and the response-html is saved as a pdf. The httpwebrequest works fine, when its not called in a timerjob (ex. ...
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Setting binding redirects for owstimer on multiple WFE

We have code similar to what is described in this blog post to set binding redirects in owstimer.exe.config using the FeatureInstalled event; the post specifically states that this event should run on ...
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Access service context in timer job

I have custom claims provider which uses user profile service to get some data when resolving claims for user. I'm creating UserProfileManager this way: private UserProfileManager UserProfileManager ...
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Create variation hierarchies - job completes but does nothing

This is something I have done many times before on my current VM, and even using the same Web Application, though with different site collections. The steps I am following are: 1) Create a new site ...
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Access denied for BCS method in e-mail event receiver

I have a SPItemEventReceiver which does some stuff with an external list when a document is uploaded to a DocLib. I now wanted to have it also run when an e-mail is sent to that DocLib. I could have ...
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Which process do event receivers run under?

Some MSDN articles say that synchronous event receivers run under w3wp.exe, and asynchronous event receivers run under owstimer.exe. For eg, this one:
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