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Outlook VBA Macro and custom ribbon

I have created a couple of simple VBA macros in Outlook Developer to be able to create new emails with certains templates that are saved in Sharepoint and added these macros to a customized ribbon. ...
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Create a SharePoint List item when an Outlook/Teams/group event is created

In SharePoint Online I want to create sub-items in Document library/List and wish to reference a Teams, Group or Outlook calendar event. Is it possible to create a SharePoint List item when an event ...
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Customize an email to have "Open this task" button without SP designer workflow

We are using SP2016 on-premise. A scheduled PowerShell script is setup to send approval request email to approvers. The email contains the task link so that approver can click on it and approve his/...
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How to upload a .msg file using a Memory Stream or File Stream that connects SP to Outlook via a data service?

I have created a test method of programmatically saving an email from Outlook to a List in Sharepoint On-Prem using a Data Service. The service copies that email and writes to the List successfully ...
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Save email from Outlook Online to SharePoint library through an AddIn

I have a requirement to a selected email(s) to Outlook through an Add-In. I need it to work with the Outlook client app as well as Outlook Online. I put together a simple VSTO plugin in the Outlook ...
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How to solve "Failed to deploy the manifest file to the Exchange server. The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request."?

I am getting below error while running the outlook web app solution. Failed to deploy the manifest file to the Exchange server. The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad ...
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SharePoint REST api call within office add-in

I need to get all the sites a user has access to within an O365 tenant. I can use the SharePoint REST api. But how can I authenticate the user using a token? Can someone provide a good guide to call ...
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