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Questions tagged [outgoing-email]

SharePoint farms can be configured to send out email alerts, scheduled digest notifications and custom workflow email messages via SMTP.

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SharePoint 2013 email alerts format showing 2010 somehow.

Brand new SharePoint 2013 farm. Brand new unused web application and document library. Enabled alerts on document library and added two files. I received all three emails but somehow they are ...
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outgoing email configuration in sharepoint 2013 with zoho

my email server is configured with with SSL. I had Configured Outgoing E-Mail Settings but OOTB approval workflow give error "The e-mail message cannot be sent. Make sure the outgoing e-mail ...
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User alerts with external email domains not working

I have setup SharePoint outgoing email address in a specific domain i.e. Any alert setup using the same domain email address works fine. Any user with a different email domain does ...
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How to setup Out going email in Sharepoint foundation on windows7 machine

Trying to set alert on discussion post. The SharePoint development environment has set up on windows 7 machine with installed SharePoint 2010 foundation. I have to set up Outgoing E-Mail Settings ...
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How to use SMTP configured on SharePoint 2010 server in custom WebPart to send email?

The outgoing SMTP is configured to the SharePoint 2010 server. Where as in my custom webpart, need to use the configured settings to send email from webpart itself. Is there any mechanism in object ...
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OutGoing Emails in QA wil they send an email to a Live Prod Account

I have 2 environments QA, PROD and the outgoing emails are setup as below QA( and PROD as ( For Ex-I have a simple InfoPath form in QA which takes my ...
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Outgoing Email Office 365

I need to migrate, my actual smtp server, to I have configured the SMTP at the domain (, and all goes good. Because the email can be sent when I create a test TXT ...
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Outgoing email of SharePoint server not working

After Change our SMTP server change to Office 365,server not sent any mail(outgoing mail) I have already Configure outgoing email for a farm and Configure outgoing email for a specific web ...
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Outgoing email in CA from port 443

I want to set SMTP setting in outgoing email in CA but that SMTP is working on port 443. Will it work? I read one article which said that SharePoint outgoing email only works on port 25 and you have ...
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SPUtility.SendEmail returns false for external users (different domain)

I have used SPUtility.SendEmail to send email to users programmatically and it works. However if the user's email is different than the outgoing email domain it returns false. How do I make it work ...
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Sharepoint access request is not being send

I am administrate a SP-farm with multiple webApps. Outgoing e-mail is configured and works fine. There is only one exception - the access request mails. I found this Link to TechNet Problem of all ...
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How to change workflow email sender name

We have a Sharepoint designer workflow that sending notification email to users. I understand the "from address" is a farm setting and cannot change. It is fine. My concern is can we change the "...
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Farm outgoing email multiple addresses

Is it possible in SP2013 to configure multiple email accounts for the outgoing email? I wish to have one email address for each web application.
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Send e-mail alerts to distribution groups - Sharepoint 2010

After migration to MSS2010, we realized that the alerts, that we used to send to a distribution group in our company, do not work. There was an option to create alert for the group (e. g. group_all), ...
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