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Questions tagged [organization-profile]

You can now import organizations from your profile store. This includes options for importing organizations in a hierarchy. The organization profile system also supports specification of Profile Types, so different types of organizations can have different properties.

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Develop organizational chart with REST

Is there a way to build an organizational chart with REST? How do we get user manager and colleagues in REST, I guess I need to use profiles end point, but how do we build the structure for the web ...
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How to Create Organization Chart Free and without Code

I have trying to create an organization chart for my site but there is no free substitute for it. As I stumbled upon organization browser it only shows the current user hierarchy and I want to display ...
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how to make SharePoint organizational structure from custom database instead of AD

I there a way to use a custom database with users and department instead of Active Directory? can I sync users in user profile service with that custom database design instead of syncing it with ...
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How to make an the Organisation Structure by taking the details through Visio diagrammatic representation

I want to build an Organization Structure/chart in SharePoint using the Visio diagram that means I want to pull the data/fields from Visio and then it would make an Org chart in SharePoint. Please ...
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