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SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 Server come with a feature called the "Organisation Browser" to display organisational information. By default the web part is located on every user’s ‘My Profile’ tab on their MySite and it can be added to other pages if required.

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SharePoint 2010 Organizational Browser Web Part on non-My-site Claims Based start at a defined username

SharePoint 2010 Organizational Browser Web Part on non-MySite Claims Web Application. It's been used for the intranet and to help display organization charts. To get this working first of all I ...
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How to create organization chart in SharePoint?

I want to create a organization chart in SharePoint. It will have 6-7 levels and data of profile (like name, designation, level) are stored in list. Data is dynamic and can be changed after certain ...
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Organization Chart set default account

after updating on CU January 2017 (SharePoint 2013) it is not possible any more to set the default account for the org Chart on a subsite. January 10, 2017, update for SharePoint Server 2013 (...
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SP Org browser - allow users to change their manager

To start off with my knowledge of SP and 365 is barely at novice level so please type slowly. :) We want to use the SP standard org browser web part to show who is where in the company. However ...
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Organization Browser Webpart is missing from publishing site website selector

I am trying to find the organization browser webpart in my publishing site’s webpart selector, but it is missing there. As shown in the screen shot below: How can I add organization browser web part ...
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Sharepoint 2010 Organization Browser with Vacant Positions

Our sharepoint 2010 uses Active Directory to populate the Org Browser, using the Manager field. However, there are some exec. positions that are vacant, so they don't have a corresponding User in AD. ...
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Sharepoint - Creating designed page with images & links

I was pulled into helping my team's Intranet page. I am not familiar with SharePoint, but Adobe programs (Photoshop/Illustrator etc). Some ways it reminds we of Office Word and on an online browser. ...
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Organization Browser of any user (not just current user)

I want to get organization browser for any user not just current user that is logged in. How can I make it happen? any advise? : ) note: I cannot use visual studio.
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Organisational Chart not seen for all users

Organisational chart is not being displayed for all colleagues.  So for example I can not see my colleagues or line manager.  But if I search for a colleague and view the org chart on their mysite ...
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SharePoint 2013 Organization Browser HTML View Not Working

I've installed the Organization Browser and within Mysites both the Silverlight view and HTML view work. Outside of Mysites I can only get the Silverlight view to work, the HTML view displays nothing....
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Using the Organizational Browser with two User Profile Services

I have a SharePoint 2010 Server configured with two User Profile Services. The default UPS has 100 profiles configured. The second UPS has 20 profiles configured. A user in the second UPS has a ...
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SharePoint 2010 Organization Browser limit active/enabled AD accounts users

We are just starting to use the Organization browser webpart in our local intranet. While working with it we've noticed that disabled AD accounts are showing up in the list. Is there a way to filter ...
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