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REST API: How to get the n most recent items in ascending order

This seems like a very basic question but I can't figure it out. Using pnpjs I want to retrieve the 50 most recently created items, oldest first, newest last. I can only manage to get them in the ...
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Camel Query OrderBy not working for Decimal Number

I have column name OrderBy of Type Number: I am using below CAML Query: "<View><Query><OrderBy><FieldRef Name='OrderBy' Ascending='TRUE' /> </OrderBy></Query>&...
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SharePoint REST orderby on expanded field

I would like to do an orderby on an expanded field when querying a SharePoint list. so for example: $select=File/Name&$expand=File&$orderby=File/Name However, including the orderby on the ...
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How to use SharePoint REST API to get newest list item?

I am trying to get the newest item added to a list. Get item by ID works for single item: $.ajax({ url: xurl + "/_api/web/lists('" + xlist + "')/items/getById(123)", type: "GET", headers: { "Accept"...
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SharePoint 2013 list item in drop-down

Created a page in which I have added a drop-down box . The drop-down box fetches all the ID's of a list . I am fetching the ID by using REST API . In the endpoint url I have added $top = 1000 to ...
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