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OpenID Connect is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol, which allows computing clients to verify the identity of an end-user based on the authentication performed by an authorization server, as well as to obtain basic profile information about the end-user in an interoperable and REST-like manner.

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Sharepoint 2019 on-premises authentication against external sso provider (SAML1.0 or OIDC 1.0)

We have to authenticate Sharepoint 2019 on-premise users against an external oidc provider which provides OpenID Connect 1.0 and SAML 2.0. As far i know Sharepoint 2019 doesn't support OIDC and only ...
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SharePoint and OpenID Connect

We are today using SharePoint Server and have a newly implemented OpenID Connect (OIDC) provider (certified) which we would like to use to authenticate/authorize users with. Is it possible to use ...
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Configure OIDC (OpenId Connect) identity provider to authenticate to SharePoint Online /Office 365

Does anybody know how to configure OIDC (OpenId Connect) identity provider such as identity server 4 ( to authenticate to SharePoint online? Looked at the ...
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How to use 'LoginAsync' in SharePoint 2013 Visual Web part?

We are working on Open ID authentication. For this we are using IdentityModel.OidcClient dll. We want Access Token and IdentityToken. We can get both the tokens in one call using below code snippet ...
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Calling ASP.NET Web API 2 from an SPFx webpart

I am facing an issue with authenticating my SPFx webpart against an Azure AD backed Web API. What I have done so far is Created a ASP.NET WEB API 2 project. Added OWIN and configured CORS and OIDC in ...
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How do we use OpenID with AzureAD to authenticate to SharePoint Office 365 API

I need to have a user context available to get a list of SP lists based on permissions. I've wired up Startup.Auth.cs with UseOpenIdConnectAuthentication. I've granted the SharePoint permissions in ...
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