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Not connected to a central computer or computer network or farm.

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Schedule Jobs offline for sharepoint files

I am currently working on the files that are in the sharepoint . So basically connect to sharepoint via python and then do some manipulation and then the output files generated to be stored back in ...
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User status shows as offline / unknown on corporate network

Apologies if this isn't the correct area for this sort of question. We have an issue with one of our customers, where when they are connected to the corporate network, the user status is shown as ...
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Problem to open office word document in word online

I've implemented office online server on a VM machine. Also, I've installed SharePoint 2019 successfully on another VM and connect it to the office offline server. Office offline server turns out to ...
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Offline form/Data entry for SharePoint Data Entry

I need some solution, where user need to do audit of a assembly plant and fill the checklist and write-down findings. I was planning to build this solution on SharePoint, but the challenge is the ...
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Power Apps without internet connection

I am wondering is it possible to create a PowerApp mobile app which can function without internet connection and perhaps store data from the database (i.e SharePoint List or SQL Database) locally on ...
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Is there a sotfware to create, manager and CAML query SharePoint Lists without having SharePoint installed on a computer?

I'm working on a SharePoint site at work, however due to PCI compliance I am not able to access SharePoint at my house, I was trying to find a software on which I can be able to create lists and use ...
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Taking a publishing site offline

I understand that I can bring html files down for offline viewing. What I would like though is to bring down an entire site and have the user experience similar to when the user is connected. Is this ...
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SPServices - Local and offline

I'm using SPServices in my web applications deployed in Sharepoint and viewed through a content editor webpart. This SharePoint solution is not possible for me to access without VPN, so I'm regularly ...
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SP 2013 - How to modify webpart in deployed solution

I'm a ASP.Net developer very new in SharePoint development (and english is not my native language). We have just one Sharepoint Project, which contains all the WebParts that users use. When we have a ...
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Can you access SharePoint Offline and then Auto Sync when Connected?

I am looking for a way for our users to be able to access SharePoint offline e.g. to view or make changes to documents, complete custom lists etc. and then auto sync when they have connection again. ...
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How to get bulk documents offline from a sharepoint intranet?

I am using sharepoint 2010 as a intranet. In this intranet are many important documents for the company. I have also collegeas which are working on boats somewhere in the middle of the sea. They dont ...
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Excel File Opens as an Offline Copy

For some reason, when I check out or open (Read Only) this one Excel file in a document library, it opens as an "offline copy". The File menu in Excel says it's an "Offline Copy: Workbook is in ...
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How can I send users to a maintenance page during site upgrades?

I'm looking for an elegant solution for redirecting users to an application maintenance page. There are weekly periods for an hour whereby content is being promoted and changed on our main SharePoint ...
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InfoPath offline mode for retrieving database connection

I've some doubt in infopath 2007. I want to use infopath in offline mode. but in the template I have a lookup column which needs to be retrieved from external database (sharepoint list). So how do ...
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Sharepoint Workspace Versus Colligo

I used to use Colligo for SharePoint 2007 and appreciated it at the time. I also thought that groove was a great tool. I now have a customer who wants a file viewer/offline tool for SharePoint 2010 ...
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Sharepoint application with offline support

I want to create an application (C#) that can work with Sharepoint in offline mode (read/add/modify documents) and sync with the server whenever a connection is established. What is the best solution ...
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