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An icon that is displayed to indicate items or documents that have been recently added to SharePoint.

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SP13 - Calculated columns indicator based on Choice(boolean) field

I follow this tutorial step by step.. This is my formula: ="<DIV><img src='" &IF(Available=1,"/SiteAssets/IMG/Completed.png", IF(Available=0,"/SiteAssets/IMG/notCompleted.png"))& "...
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Status Indicator using Calculated Columns

I am wanted to create a status indicator for a calendar. I'd prefer to use something that I can manipulate within a calculated column. I can work with multiple columns, but in the end I want it to ...
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Display New! against a folder [duplicate]

I have multiple folders that many people can upload documents into. How can I show at folder level that a new document has been added please? I want to be able to see New! next to the folder.
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Blue "Loading" Icon on Recently Added SharePoint Files

What is the blue "loading" icon on SharePoint files after they've been dropped into a SharePoint folder? Instead of having the little green icon with the check mark, it's a blue icon with arrows that ...
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