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New-document is used in document libraries. When '+ new document' is selected it allows the selection and upload of a document to the library. Custom library configurations may also use the '+new document' button to upload custom 'content type documents' or 'document sets' too. A custom template can also be linked to the '+new document' button.

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Trying to add the current page url as &Source= to the new document link

With multiple list views on same page, I am trying to add the current page url as &Source= to the new document link. So just looking to pull the current page URL and add it as the &Source to ...
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New Button of Document Set - Sharepoint 2013

I created a Document Set with a Document Set Content Type Project. However, the Library does not display a "New" button where I can select "New Project" but only a "new document" button where I can ...
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Prevent document opening when creating new document

I created a document library and customized the New Word document template. I need to prevent SharePoint Online to automatically open the newly created document when I press "New" button. I want to ...
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New Document opening Home Page in Document Library

The Environment is SharePoint 2013. When I click on New Document in Document Library, it gives me options to choose if I want a word document or excel and so on. When I click on Word or any other ...
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