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A computer network or data network is a telecommunications network that allows computers to exchange data.

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SharePoint 2019 Production farm started having struggle load Font File/Random PNG File/Random API call

We have a SharePoint Farm (7 WFEs and 1 DB), last code deployment was weeks ago. Since Friday, when we load the web portal that is hosted on the farm via browser and via any location (worldwide), ...
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Cannot open office documents from internet

I have a local Sharepoint 2016 installation. I publish a sharepoint site to the internet through a reverse proxy. When opening documents from any libraries, I get the message "There are network ...
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What specific clustering technology can be used with SharePoint 2016 if I want an Active/Passive setup with Production and DR?

We're trying to set up our SharePoint 2016 infrastructure in a sort of cluster with Production as one part and Disaster Recovery (DR) as another in an active/passive configuration. The goal is that if ...
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Ping from SharePoint list

I'm new to SharePoint and I'm wondering if I can achieve the following: I have an Excel sheet with the IP addresses of various devices in our building. I need to monitor the status of each device and ...
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Feed request Ip

In one of our Office365 Sharepoint pages, we are consuming a RSS Feed. The feed provider filters out the requests from unknown IP's. It looks like the Request IP occasionally changes, so the feed ...
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Which Metric For Network Load Times?

In F12 Developer Tools in IE, when measuring load times for SharePoint in O365, which metric should be used to calculate the full length of time it takes for a page to load? On the network tab in ...
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Network File Share

This should be an easy question but I've found nothing on Google that gives me a good idea: What do you do with files on the Network File Share after they have been uploaded to SharePoint? Is it ...
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Sharepoint 2010 Timer job works only manually

I have 2 Sharepoint timer job, in production environment, (WFE server and Application server) that read files from a server folder and make different treatments of the files. The timer job 1: daily, ...
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Accidentally disabled network on azure vm [closed]

I was troubleshooting some network issues on my VM ,so by mistake I disabled network . Now ,i'm not able to connect my machine via rdp .Tried changing the size of vm but still no good . So kindly ...
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Issue with login Prompt of SharePoint Sites

There is a sudden issue in our SharePoint Servers and we are faced with continuous login prompt coming up while trying to open SharePoint Sites. It is happening in all server and SharePoint team is ...
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I need to swap the ip and port of intranet sites

We have an old intranet site that needed updated. I built a new intranet site on SharePoint 2013. Now that the site is ready so I want to swap the IP address and port of the two sites. How do I ...
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Webdav access without davwwwroot in cnv path

One of our SharePoint customers got a bunch of hard links in his Navision to documents in SharePoint. The thing is that they link via WebDav \\hostname\site\doclib\file.extention We just migrated ...
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MAC can't access SharePoint Site

I created an Intranet environment (SharePoint 2013) for my company and i can't connect MAC users to the intranet. My company use a domain but users can access the site without being in domain by using ...
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Do SharePoint Servers need external adapters in Hyper-V?

I have two servers on Hyper-V in a development environment. One has AD and SQL. One has SharePoint 2013. Each server has two network adapters, one internal only and one external. On the AD&SQL ...
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Network Monitoring in Sharepoint?

Is there a network monitoring tool that displays in sharepoint? I'd like to be able to see some server status/network traffic kind of info. I'm interested in something free but am willing to spend ...
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How SharePoint traffic is working (SP 2013 on-premise) in multi-tier farm

I'm asking myself how communication in a multi-tier SharePoint 2013 farm actually works if I should put it in a simple network schema. The farm has 1 front-end server, 1 database server, 1 search ...
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Errors out of the blue (503 Network, X-frame errors)

Out of the blue I get errors (edit: in Firebug console) thrown at me when deploying my app. I didn't change anything since last time when I deployed my app (3 days ago). Error I get when loading the ...
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Two WFEs without NLB?

Can I have 2 WFEs without using NLB in which case it will work as fail over but not as load balancer? Or if I am using more than 1 WFE then I have to use NLB and without it, it will be like single ...
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Outlook 2013 hangs for a minute or two if the user tries to open the email with sharepoint task in a disconnected network

Have you come across the following scenario anytime with SharePoint outlook task? • SharePoint task assigned to a user and embedded in the outlook email. • Works perfectly when connected to ...
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Sharepoint site unreachable from external network

I've installed Sharepoint 2013 Foundation on Windows Server 2008 R2. I've also a domain like ( referred to this server and I've created a site collection. Now I would like to browse my ...
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SharePoint Reporting Services - NLB issue

I have a problem which I suspect is due to incorrectly configured NLBs. Scneario: 2 Web front end servers: SERVER01, SERVER02 SQL Reporting Services (SharePoint Integrated Mode) is installed ON ...
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