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My Site is a personal site for individual users in an organization.

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2 answers

SP2016 "About me" link does not work

We migrated from SP2013 to SP2016. The link "About me" in the top right corner points to http://portal/Person.aspx, by clicking it the system tells Page not found. I took a look in the Central ...
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"An error has occured in the claims providers configured from this site collection" My Sites Set-up error

I'm trying to set-up My Sites. I have the web application created, the top level site collection configured, permission policies set. I go into my user profile service to finish the set-up, but when I ...
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Adding User Pictures without My Sites set up

How can I manually add a users photo to their account, without setting up My Sites. On a SharePoint Blog Site, the user wants us to set up the blogs so that the users image shows up next to their ...
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My Site, adding to "Ask Me About" returns "The given term is not valid"

I have a SP2010 "My Site". When a user edits their profile, in the "Ask Me About" section, there is a semicolon-separated list of terms which the user is supposed to populate. The problem is, though, ...
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