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Questions tagged [multithreading]

Multi-threading is a widespread programming and execution model that allows multiple threads to exist within the context of a single process. These threads share the process' resources, but are able to execute independently. The threaded programming model provides developers with a useful abstraction of concurrent execution. Multi-threading can also be applied to a single process to enable parallel execution on a multiprocessing system.

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Update SP Item in Parallel.ForEach loop

I'm trying to update columns of a ListItem in sharepoint using the following code: ClientContext context = CreateClientContext(_siteUrl); SP.List list = GetList(listName, context); Uri baseUri = ...
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Attempted to make calls on more than one thread in single threaded mode. (RPC_E_ATTEMPTED_MULTITHREAD) SharePoint 2013

Experiencing problem above after two web parts on the same aspx page deploy. Both parts use this code: using (var portal = new SPSite(SPContext.Current.Site.Url)) { using (...
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How to wait for a Function to return values and finish to run another Function with Javascript

As the thread's title with SharePoint 2010, this worked well with all browsers as the demo below. However, when I'd tried to get the information from another link (it must be another thread of ...
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SP ProcessBatchData inside the Event Receiver, slow performance issue

I am writing an Event Receiver on a Document Library to create a new list from the uploaded excel file. it runs on ItemAdded() and ItemUpdated() event. Before calling a method to add new Items to ...
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SharePoint Server Throws exception when doing a long operation

I have a SharePoint application with SP server 2010 installed, everything is working well, but there is a special method which is performed in 12 - 14 minutes. What's done in this method is that i'm ...
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Accessing SpSite from a Thread or ThreadPool

I have a couple of question regarding developing multithreading webparts in SharePoint. First, let me explain the idea. I have a page with 5-7 different webparts. These webparts are constructed all in ...
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SPListItemCollection.EnsureListItemsData seems to deadlock

I'm trying out multithreading with the SP2010 Object Model and I've run into some weirdness. My application currently does the following: Opens an SPSite and uses AllWebs.WebsInfo to build a Guid[] ...
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