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Add more servers to SP2016 Single Server Farm

We have a SP 2016 single server farm where SharePoint and SQL are installed in the same machine. only 1 site collection exists in the farm and due to recent increase in team size, we are facing ...
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Install 2 farms on same server

I have installed SharePoint 2013. Now, I have to install a new SharePoint 2013 farm on the same server. Is possible to have 2 SharePoint farms on one server? With one SQL server With one domain With ...
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Multiple farms in a sharepoint server

Can there be multiple farms in a SharePoint server. Currently i'm having one farm in SharePoint and wondering if it is possible to have one more.
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CRUD between two Sharepoint farm

Please give advice for this case. I have two separated SharePoint sites: The first site is in one SharePoint farm. On this site we contain the private data and we use this site as the internal site. ...
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Web.config modification in multi server farm

i have a Sharepoint web app which has web.config modification.when i do it in single server farm, it works very fine but when i do the same thing in multi server farm which has 10 servers(2 WFE,2 APP ...
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Consolidate multiple SharePoint 2010 Farms including Shared Services Farm into one farm

In an existing environment there are seven farms where one is a shared services farm for search, managed metadata and user profiles. The reason for six different SharePoint 2010 farms is ...
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Accessing data acroos 2 farms

So, heres my issue. There are 2 farms. The data I need is from the other farms mysite. Im using this code and the web service userProfileService to try and get the data. At the quickLinkData part,Line ...
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Types of SharePoint farms

Can any SharePoint Experienced Architect or SharePoint Consultant enlighten me on the different types of farms. I am going through this slide (Page Number 22) and am getting a bit confused by the ...
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Intranet & Extranet in SharePoint 2013

In my new company we are moving to SharePoint 2013 in a few months, we currently have a SharePoint 2010 setup but nothing will be migrated to the new environment. I have been asked to provide a ...
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Is it possible to add notes to My Profiles with a multi-farm deployment?

I'm accessing a SharePoint 2010 implementation that has been setup by someone else and I don't have admin access to explore further. I also don't have a multi-farm VM setup available to test on at the ...
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Combine Multiple Lists into one

I have a bunch of site collections that all have a identical list( status, Title, Date). I am trying to create a master list on my site that grabs the items from each lists and displays them all ...
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SharePoint 2010 Content Deployment Job

I am trying to test how the Content Deployment process works across separate SharePoint 2010 farms. There are 4 virtual servers in my test lab running on Hyper-V: Farm1: Demo1DC1 (...
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Are multiple sharepoint platforms possible?

My county government agency utilizes SharePoint and it works wonderfully. I chair a state committee (as part of my county job) and would like to set up a seperate platform for users in the state ...
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How to access a library that is not in same farm. i.e. WebPart is in Farm1 and library is in Farm2

How to access a library that is not in same farm. i.e. WebPart is in Farm1 and library is in Farm2 My company has many farms and now I need to create one WebPart that is going to sit in farm1 but it ...
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Best setup to support zero downtime for IF 2010 web farm

I would like to create a SharePoint 2010 production setup, where it is possible to deploy WSP packages to the environment without having to put up a maintainence "page" for the IF web site. Do any of ...
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Two SharePoint Installations on one Server

Is it possible to have two Sharepoint installations on one server? By two installations I mean one is Sharepoint 2010 for Internet Sites and other is Sharepoint Foundation 2010 Any way to do it ...
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How do I configure search across farms?

I have two Sharepoint 2010 farms called FarmA and FarmB. Both farms have web applications and content. FarmA is also a publisher of the Search Service Application. It has been configured to crawl ...
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