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MS graph - List all the subsites in multi geo tenant via API

I am trying to list down all the sites in the multi geo tenant. I can able to list down only NAM PDL records via Graph API. I can't able to list down other PDL sites. I tried following endpoints and ...
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Due to Multi-geo is there any changes in the CSOM data or API call?

Consider if a Tenant is enabled Multi-Geo, using CSOM will cause any changes in the returned data? Any modification is required for CSOM API?
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Does each geo-locations requires a separate authentication using csom?

Does separate Authentication is required for the each geo-locations(Tenant Instances) ? If Authentication done then will there be any changes in the CSOM Data ?
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Multi-Geo with Developer Account [closed]

Can I able to use Multi-Geo using the Developer account ? if yes pls give elaborate the steps?
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Refiners not working for custom search results web part in SharePoint Online Multi-Geo tenant

We have a SharePoint Online tenant with 5 Geo tenants. Users have their profiles in different Geo tenants. We also have 2 custom properties set in each user profile. We mapped crawl properties for ...
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Get list items from a site collection in different Geo location using REST API in SPFx

I'm trying to get list items from a different Geo-location within the same tenant in an SPFx solution. I've tried pnp-js, spHttpClient, etc and end up getting 403. Is there a way to achieve this?
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Multi-geo managed metadata, terms replicated with label + Guid

We have an Office 365 tenant with 5 geolocations, Europe being the primary location. When creating terms in the Europe termstore they are (as expected) replicated to all the satellite locations. But, ...
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Localisation of sharepoint server

For legal reasons, I would like to know if cloud document servers are in Quebec. if not, are they in Canada?
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