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Multilingual User Interface (MUI) allows for the installation of multiple interface languages on a single system

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MUI not working for Sharepoint Online Site

I'm setting up a site in Sharepoint Online. Some users need translation, so I've tried to enable MUI feature. I followed the steps here. The alternative languages are checked, user languages are set ...
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Any working multilingual option for Sharepoint Online site?

While setting up a small SharePoint site, I need to get multilinguarity: The site language is Swedish, but one subsite should be translated to Finnish for some users (those have no access to other ...
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Is it possible to retrieve MUI column Display Names through SharePoint 2010 Web Service API?

I have been trying to find information regarding retrieving MUI column Display Names and List Display names for different languages on a site where I have done MUI translations on. Using SharePoints ...
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Site title not aligned to the right in sharepoint 2019

I have the site in english as the main language, added Arabic as the secondary language. When I view the site in arabic, the logo gets aligned to the right but the site title and the menu does not. ...
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