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How to ask user to reauthenticate for sensitive operation in a SPFX webpart?

I'm building a SPFX webpart that perform some sensitive operation when a button is clicked (document approbation for example). Is there any way to ask the user to reauthenticate to "sign" ...
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Get AAD Roles from React SPFx Webpart

I have a simple React SPFX Webpart. We have deployed it to our SP Online site. It currently displays the SP Groups of the current user. const queryUrl = `${}/...
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Authorization gets failed when making yammer API calls using AAD tokens generated with grant_type="client_credentials"

I am getting 401 unauthorized issue when trying to make yammer API calls mentioned here. I have created an app from app registrations on Azure portal and provided below permissions And I have used ...
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help with error ClientAuthError: User login is required. For silent calls, request must contain either sid or login_hint

I'm using MSAL.js to acquire a silent token and it works ok when i login See my snippet code below var userid = _spPageContextInfo.userId; //console.log(email); var upn = getUserEmailByLoginName(...
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How to grant MS Graph's User.Read.All privilege to any SharePoint Online user through an Azure App?

In a SharePoint Online (SPO) environment, I am trying to let any (non-admin) user query Microsoft Graph API information that requires the User.Read.All permission. => The aim is to make my own ...
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